Urban T-Shirt Design

Now that almost anyone can create their own t-shirt using a laser printer, it seems that you see more and more voicing their opinions on their attire. Momma always says, “jerks advertise” (although ‘jerk’ wasn’t the word she used).

So when our Advanced Illustration instructor (THE Roland Dahlquist), asked us to create a theme and illustration for a new urban t-shirt I had to think long and hard. “What kind of jerk do I want to be?”

Out of all of the hats that I wear in life my favorite is that of a mother. One of the most amazing things about motherhood is that there are so many ways to raise a child and I wanted to illustrate a different kind of mother. This faceless woman could be anyone, wiping spills, kissing foreheads, and driving the carpool.

Mommy Militia