It’s all in the details

There is nothing that I love more in life than discovering something new about a product that I use daily or a person that I have known for a long time. Most of the time you aren’t expecting these surprises, you are probably going about your business as usual and a detail will suddenly jump out and demand some attention.

Charles Eames said, “Details are not the details. They make the design.”

Any designer that I have ever met knows the importance of subtle nuances in a composition. Most of the time an untrained eye will pass right over these little nuggets, but the brain still sees these things.

This is an incredibly important aspect of UX design and that is why I LOVE Little Big Details. Their followers submit some amazing minutiae that they have discovered on the web. With these little drops of inspiration you can see that even structured, corporate sites find ways to add their ‘voice’ to their pages.

Happy hunting!