Word of the Week: Defenestrate

There is something you should know about me… I love words!! There is nothing more satisfying than finding the exact right word to use at the exact right moment; when it happens it feels like puzzle pieces fitting together. Snick!

Like any good logophile, I am also excited to learn new words and so receive a word of the day email from dictionary.com. Use of some of these words might get you beaten up on the playground; frabjous, rhapsodic, and atticism.

Others just seem too ludicrous to ever be used in a serious conversation; bafflegab, piffle, and bunkum.

Sometimes the definition of the word doesn’t even matter and I find myself fascinated by the way that one letter flows into the next, or an urge to eliminate discordant spaces. There is no way that I can do this on a daily basis, but weekly, monthly, or quarterly should be doable.


defenestrate – to throw (a person or thing) out of a window

Word of the Week Typography - Defenestrate