May the Fourth Be With You

Nerd alert!!! Normally I’m not prepared for the minor holidays, but I woke up on Sunday with an idea and some verve. Never having worked with chalk before as a medium proved to be a little challenging. Did you know that sidewalk chalk has a waxier consistency than chalkboard chalk? Not so great for blending so watch out. One of the most difficult, unexpected trials of this project was wiping away the chalk after drawing a complete Death Star. I underestimated how resilient the chalk droppings are and how hard it would be to stay patient while waiting for the water to dry. I suggest keeping a small fan in your workspace to help this process along. Happy Star Wars Day all of you awesome nerds! May the Fourth Be With You!

A large-scale chalk drawing of the Death Star under construction

Chalk drawing of the Death Star under construction with the text "May the Fourth Be With You"

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