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Alamo City STAT specializes in implementing and integrating the cloud-based software inContact.

New Guy in Town

It is so exciting to start from the very beginning. While Alamo City STAT has operated for awhile, this is their first foray into branding and marketing and it was a lot of fun for me to be able to work with a fresh slate and minimal preconceived notions about what the final product should look like.

One of the biggest challenges I faced here was trying to establish a voice for this new company. The directives I received was that the company wanted to convey confidence, experience, professionalism, flexibility, and….. awesomeness.

I really love clients with a sense of humor.

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Flat Can Be Fun

Everyone knows that flat is the new black. While I really hope this trend has long legs, sometimes people take it too far. For me, I try to find ways to add interesting elements.

On this project I was able to create a series of icons that are entirely animated by CSS and do not require large video files or scripts to make them work.