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About Pegasus

Pegasus Power provides portable power services in cities across Arizona to construction sites, special events, and to businesses and homes during power outages. With over 60 years in the rental industry, Pegasus distinguishes themselves from their competitors with a wide range of services to ensure that you get “The Power You Need When You Need It.”

Hello Web

Everyone needs to grow up. Well except for Peter Pan of course. For years if you searched for Pegasus Power on the web you were taken to a splash screen with just their name and phone number. So when those generator toting, cable lovers decided to join the rest of the web we were really building their whole site from scratch instead of a standard redesign.

With our target audience in mind, we set out to build a website that would showcase their particular talents and services. My intent was to create a clean and straightforward design, yet something that was unique and visually appealing. The grid system used here was integral as well as the judicious use of Pegasus’ bold, primary color scheme.

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Pegasus Power website tablet view
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Procure Brochure

To put a cherry on top of Pegasus Power’s marketing efforts. I created a tri-fold brochure for their sales team to distribute and their operations guys to carry in the trucks.

For this part of the project we had to strike a good balance between the amount of information that was on the website, and the amount that people could actually process quickly

Front cover of Pegasus Power LLC's tri-fold brochure