May the Fourth Be With You

Nerd alert!!! Normally I’m not prepared for the minor holidays, but I woke up on Sunday with an idea and some verve. Never having worked with chalk before as a […]


A 404 page is an error page that a user sees when they try to navigate to a page that does not exist on your site. Maybe they’ve clicked a […]

Hand Lettered Envelopes

When I was a kid my mom brought home a huge┬áposter-sized pad of paper from work. I was so excited to get started, yet that paper sat under my bed […]

Word of the Week Typography - Defenestrate

Word of the Week: Defenestrate

There is something you should know about me… I love words!! There is nothing more satisfying than finding the exact right word to use at the exact right moment; when […]

Salute The Bluth!

Now that the new season of Arrested Development has been released on Netflix, people all over my office are quoting lines from the new [and old] seasons; we just can’t […]

It’s all in the details

There is nothing that I love more in life than discovering something new about a product that I use daily or a person that I have known for a long […]

Masthead Design – Contemporary or Retro?

For one of my last classes in school, I decided to combine my knowledge of Event Design with my new-found passion for Web Development. I will hold off revealing the […]

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Fashion isn’t really my thing, but I was really pleased with the way the transparent material came out. I really wanted to challenge myself with this, so to complete this […]

Urban T-Shirt Design

Now that almost anyone can create their own t-shirt using a laser printer, it seems that you see more and more voicing their opinions on their attire. Momma always says, […]